Originally set to release tomorrow, Marvel gave us a chance to unlock the final Age Of Ultron trailer early. By tweeting #AvengersAssemble a certain number of times, Marvel would give us the new trailer.

Well, acheivement unlocked. Watch the trailer now:

The new footage which shows more action but nothing we haven’t already expected. There were two points that gave us something new. First was a scene of Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanov being apparently romantic. Their relationship has been hinted at to be more than friends and it seems that it is all but confirmed.

Second and far more exciting is that we got our first look at The Vision! So far, we have only seen concept art of The Vision. Luckily, that art turned out to be extremely accurate to the final product. Needless to say, I am having trouble forming my thoughts coherently out of pure excitement.

Is it May 1st yet?


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