Even though Disney has asked the Richard Petty Driving Experience and Exotic Driving Experience throw its final checkered flag this summer, fun experiences are still available at Walt Disney World Speedway now through the end of May.

“Any Florida resident can take advantage of this offer, and time is running out to drive on this iconic track before it’s closing on June 28,” said Chris Kirby, director of marketing for Petty Holdings, LLC, parent company of Richard Petty Driving Experience and Exotic Driving Experience. “Who wouldn’t love to ditch their ride for a day and take a spin in a $300,000 Ferrari or a 600 HP stock car?”

Local Florida residents can get a few last laps in with a special 25% discount off regular rates when booked or driven before June 1. Florida residents can find out more information about RPDE program offerings, dates and times, and book their discounted stock car driving experience by calling 800-237-3889 or by visiting drivepetty.com/fl. To find out more information about EDE call 855-822-0149 or visit exoticdriving.com/fl.

If you don’t live close to another Richard Petty Driving Experience location, this might be your most affordable opportunity to go this fast. Will you buy a ticket?