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Craig Ferguson returns to ABC in Comedy Pilot “The King of 7B”


After his stint behind the desk of the “Late Late Show” on CBS, Craig Ferguson will return to acting starring in ABC’s single-camera comedy “The King of 7B.” The plot focuses on Prentiss Porter (Ferguson), an agoraphobic recluse who steps outside for the first time in 11 years when he spots his potential soulmate moving into the building across the street.

Before his hosting duties, Ferguson had many gigs in the UK. You may recall, his first big break in the US was on another ABC Comedy, “The Drew Carey Show.” While hosting the Late Late Show Ferguson kept his acting chops fresh by doing voiceover work (including Pixar’s “Brave”) and a small arc on “Hot in Cleveland.” He’s also been hosting the nationally syndicated game show “Celebrity Name Game.”

I’m hoping this gets picked up by Disney. I’ve closely followed Craig Ferguson since the Drew Carey Show and find him one of the funniest men on TV, not to mention a great interviewer. Are you a fan?

(photo credit Sonja Flemming/CBS)

3 thoughts on “Craig Ferguson returns to ABC in Comedy Pilot “The King of 7B””

  1. Craig is funnier, more clever and a better interviewer than any–ANY–of the late night hosts on air now. I enjoy bits and pieces of a few such as Fallon, but face it: their best 10 minutes are YouTubed by morning and I get a good night’s sleep instead. Letterman checked out about a decade ago. Here’s hoping whatever choices Ferguson makes gel with a larger audience deserving of his talents.

  2. Let’s not forget that he also voiced Owl in the 2011 film Winnie the Pooh and Gobber in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise by DreamWorks.

  3. Read an interview with more insights into Craig’s enthusiasm about this new role and the idea of an interesting, beyond funny, open-ended story which could make for a very different kind of sitcom. It would be wonderful to see Craig break the mold of this genre too!

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