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Obsessed Disney collector featured on Hoarder Reality TV Show


The Discovery Life show “Hoarding: Behind Closed Doors” has set its sights on Claire, an obsessed Disney collector whose addiction has amassed a house filled to the brim with knick-knacks, plush, collectibles, and other Disney paraphernalia. Will Claire get the help she needs to save her relationship and find a way out of her obsession before she is buried under an avalanche of plush characters?

I will admit this show strikes close to my heart. None of the rooms in my house look like this, but if everything was unpacked, you might be able to make a fair comparison. Also, I don’t see collecting as an addiction, but I understand why it might become a problem, especially if your spouse is less understanding.

The husband in this video seems like a pretty good sport:

It was nice to see that some of the collection was donated to charity, especially the plush animals. I’m sure they’ll all find good homes. This show seems to have arrived at a decent compromise, what do you think?

Have you ever met someone like Claire in the Disney fan community? Are you Claire? What are you doing about your collectible obesssion?

1 thought on “Obsessed Disney collector featured on Hoarder Reality TV Show”

  1. I saw several Hello Kitty things. They have got to go. I also saw a totem pole with Humphrey on the bottom. I’d be happy to take that off her hands.

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