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Retro Monorail Limited Edition Tee


Good news, Disney is continuing it’s series of retro-inspired limited edition Disney Parks Authentic t-shirts. They’ve moved on from attraction posters to special designs meant to evoke that sense of longing and nostalgia we all have for the parks when we are away.

Available today through January 25th, is a design sure to transport you away based on the Highway in the Sky – Walt Disney World monorail. The Walt Disney World monorail system opened with the resort on October 1, 1971 and the shirt evokes the beautiful bright orange and reds of that bygone era.


By two of the shirts for $40 or a child for $21.95 or adult for $24.95. If you just want it as a poster, you can get that too, or even printed on a canvas. These are only available now, once the window closes Disney places the order for only the amount purchased.

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