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Expanded Frozen area detailed for EPCOT’s Norway Pavilion

The addition of Frozen to the Norway Pavilion was officially announced in September of 2014. As was detailed then, the Maelstrom ride has been removed and a new attraction will be installed there.

Unannounced at the time was plans for moving the Anna & Elsa characters back to Norway for a meet and greet. If you recall, when they first appeared after the movie, in a temporary area carved out from the retails store footprint, lines to see the Queen and Princess of Arendelle would sometimes grow to 4+ hours.

That last detail probably explains the news that has been hitting all the discussion boards today. A brand new building will be added to EPCOT’s World Showcase to house the Frozen Meet & Greet.

Plans filed with the county reveal, the building will take the space between the current Norway and Mexico pavilions. The entire complex is about 13,000 sq ft and will include remodeled restrooms (and a larger women’s facility) and some backstage parking in addition to the new meet and greet.


It’s definitely a little sad to see on of the potential locations for a new country go to a meet and greet. But the nature of meet and greets are temporary, so I don’t worry too much for World Showcase as it has a number of other plots available right now.

Credit goes to Stitch Kingdom for finding the county filings.