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Breaking down the Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer


It has arrived! The second trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron. While a little short on new details, this trailer did give us some interesting tidbits.


To summarize the majority of what we see in the trailer, our heroes will be pit against the world. It seems that they will be facing off against Baron Von Strucker early in the film. My guess is this leads to the protesters that we saw in the first trailer and in this trailer. Obviously it seems the popularity of the Avengers is starting to dip.

This is further confirmed by how Captain America is acting throughout the trailer. I would guess that he gets very upset about this. After all, he came from a time when America was united as one against a common enemy. Now he lives in an age where the good guys could be bad guys and vice versa. With direct opposition from those he is trying to protect, Cap is going to be struggling with the idea he is doing more harm than good.

What is also evident is that Black Widow will have a much larger part this time around. Most likely in the form of flash backs. We finally learn that she is the one attached to those medical themed scenes from the first trailer. In this trailer, we see her being forced onto the operating table while she laments about not belonging.


My main theory about how this all plays out includes Agent Carter. In the season premiere of Agent Carter we are introduced to Leviathan. It’s only a mention but it’s still a big deal. I won’t go into much detail but Leviathan is essentially a Soviet version of Hydra. My guess is that Black Widow will have gotten her start with them which put her in the path of SHIELD. The operations she undergoes will be for brainwashing or some other way to turn her into an elite assassin.

I’ll stop there just because to fully unpack this will take a lot more time. I go more in depth in a post on my own site. Basically, with the distinct Secret Warriors turn Agents of SHIELD has taken, Leviathan may not be that far off.

The last truly eye opening scene we got was the one of a woman at some kind of underground pool. A lot of people think this is a scene of Wakanda and it’s first introduction. These rumors state that the woman is either the sister of Black Panther or one of his elite bodyguards. This isn’t a bad theory but I have a different one.

I came across this theory in a few different places and I think it works. We know from leaked footage that Thor leaves after his interaction with Scarlet Witch. We also know from an Idris Elba leak that a scene was filmed between Thor, Heimdall, and Loki. Now hold on because we’re diving deep into comic lore.

In both Norse and comic mythology the end of the world is called Ragnarok. It is the end of the nine realms. It involves all the forces from Thor’s world facing off against each other. As you know, the third Thor film is called Ragnarok. So how does this fit into Age Of Ultron? Thor is shown something. Be it the end of the world or something else. This causes him to go to Vanaheim and to the Vanir. The Vanir are similar to Asgardians except for one thing. Their gifted in the mystic arts and in telling the future. More specifically, they have what is called the Well of Wyrd which can show someone the future.

Thor travels there, enters the pool, and is shown Ragnarok. In this vision he could possibly see that Loki still lives. He then rushes to Asgard to confirm this when Loki’s deception is revealed. Loki somehow sabotages Thor’s power and then sends him back to Earth. He could also imprison Thor which would deprive the Avengers of their second heaviest hitter. However it all plays out, I feel very confident in this theory.

Here is where I end. These are the important bits and everything else from the trailer just expands upon the facts that we already know. I do go more in depth on my own site but what you see here is by my count the important tidbits.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron explodes into theaters May 1st, 2015

Andy Serkis, who is he playing?

Andy Serkis, who is he playing?

BONUS: We get another shot of Andy Serkis wearing a very panther like claw. This seems to confirm his character as Ulysses Klaw and Wakanda’s involvement in the film.

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  1. I noticed that during the fight between the Hulk and Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit, the Hulk’s eyes glow red, which usually means that he’s under someone else’s influence, in this case, the Scarlet Witch’s

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