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Fashion Icon Stretches Mickey Mouse to His Limits in New Line


If there’s been a hallmark of Disney Consumer Products over the last decade, it’s been their willingness to let artists take Disney’s #1 corporate icon Mickey Mouse in new directions. And, amazingly enough, Mickey has shown that his power as a symbol of innocent fun and, perhaps, a smidgen of mischief, is enduring no matter what shape he’s taken.

Copenhagen’s Wood Wood is taking that to flexibility to a new extreme with its house of mirrors inspired line of Mickey Mouse fashion.


According to Wood Wood co-founder and designer Brian SS Jensen, “Mickey Mouse is perhaps the most recognizable character in the world, and it was an incredible opportunity to work with a cultural icon of that scale.”

Jensen used a copy machine to create his hall of mirror like distortions of Disney’s most famous character.

“I find it really interesting how Mickey Mouse has all these different connotations depending on who you talk to.” says Jensen. “This contradictory symbolism is probably what attracts me the most to Mickey.”

The collection will debut exclusively in Colette in Paris on October 20th. Then it will release to all Wood Wood stores and selected retailers world wide, but mostly in Europe in November.

More from the designer at ID Vice and see the line at

What do you think of the Hall of Mirrors look given to Mickey Mouse in this clothing line?