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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy continues on record pace

Director James Gunn on set

Director James Gunn on set

Not only did Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy just break the October box office record for opening in China, it is still playing here in the states. This was the 11th week in theaters and the first week not in the top ten. On his Facebook page, the director, James Gunn, was understandably proud of the moment:

“To be clear, it’s a huge feat. In our 10th and 11th weeks in theaters, we are outperforming any comic book movie in box office history. We’re bringing in more than the Avengers, any Dark Knight, any Spider-Man, or any X-Men film at this point. Part of this is because of new people discovering Guardians, but a huge part of it is because of you guys seeing the movie again and again (like the kid whose ticket stubs I posted on Twitter yesterday, who has seen GotG in theaters 28 times). I don’t mean to focus on box office dollars or money. For the record, I don’t make any more money the more it makes in theaters – my box office bumps stopped a long time ago because no one expected the film to do this well. But I continue to be flabbergasted and overjoyed that the movie speaks to people, that we were able to make something that was simultaneously big AND sincere, and that it connected with all of you – comic book fans, science fiction fans, film fans, and, just, you know, HUMAN BEINGS.”

Gunn is already working on a sequel and a Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy” animated series is also in the works. Here’s test footage of that that was shown at New York Comic Con.

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