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Happy Birthday to Walt Disney World


43 Years ago today, Walt Disney World opened to the public. Known early on as “The Florida Project,” it was viewed as a place for Walt to experiment with his ideas for intentional communities, technology advancement, industrial cooperation, and the latest in theme parks and resorts. After Walt’s death, the project morphed into a vacation destination that has entertained hundreds of millions of families from around the globe in the unique Disney style.

In 1971 Walt Disney World was composed of the Magic Kingdom and a few resorts. Later, EPCOT Center also opened on October 1st, this time in 1982, fulfilling Walt’s wish for a place where technology intersects with the world, but not his dream of an actual city of tomorrow.

To help us celebrate, share your perfect Walt Disney World memory below. When you close your eyes and think of the resort, what do you see?

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Walt Disney World”

  1. I see the monorail, at that time (mid seventies) a symbol of the future. The other image is the top of Spaceship Earth in construction seen above the trees from a Disney golf course. For me WDW is like a second home!

  2. When I close my eyes I see my two young children standing in front of me, arm in arm, looking up at the sky at the fireworks over Cinderellas Castle. It was 1995, the first trip for our little family. Magical!

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