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Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub Construction Update


We are back with another look at the progress on the Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub expansion project. The total makeover will be completed in phases, with phase one being a widening of the bridge from Main Street to the Hub. This will allow Disney to hold viewing parties for parades and fireworks.

Subsequent phases will add a second ring of walkways around the hub allowing for easier pedestrian flow during the parades and fireworks, a more garden like feel to the hub, and a slight upgrade to the performance stage in front of the castle.

As part of this update, I’ve also included a look at changes going on backstage. Disney is in the process of lightly themeing the backstage alley that is used for heavy traffic periods to route guests behind Main Street. You can see how they’ve begun to color some of the facades.

If you can’t watch the short video above, there is a gallery of photos below the jump:

Thank you for joining us on this update. The whole project is expected to be completed sometime in 2016. No official date has been given.

3 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub Construction Update”

  1. Wow! I must have missed the news about the major construction project! What a pain, but it sounds like it will be so worth it. The original design was never intended to have to accommodate the numbers of guests it does today, so this will alleviate massive clogs. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes images, as we all know Disney doesn’t want to ruin the magic by letting us see construction in progress.

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