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Honeymooners Check In to Walt Disney World


Facebook has released the top places honeymooning couples check into. Like others celebrating a big event, newlyweds share the moment on Facebook and then check in at their honeymoon destination of choice. Facebook crunched the numbers and then compiled the top honeymoon places for couples who married in 2014. Lake Buena Vista (aka Walt Disney World) clicks in at number 10.

Walt Disney World offers an enchanting playground for honeymooners with its fun-filled theme parks, world-class dining and Broadway-style entertainment. Frankly, I’m a little surprised it isn’t higher on the list.

The complete list of top destinations in the US for honeymooners is below the jump:

Top U.S. destinations for honeymoon check-ins

1. Las Vegas, NV
2. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
3. Honolulu
4. Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii
5. Key West
6. Poipu, Kauai, Hawaii
7. Kihei, Maui, Hawaii
8. Gatlinburg, Tn.
9. New York City
10. Lake Buena Vista, Fl.

Really? Walt Disney World couldn’t beat Gatlinburg, TN? What do the smokey mountains have that Orlando does not? Fewer kids would be my guess.

When you add in international honeymooners, Disney gets a little more respectable, although we still can’t beat Gatlinburg, what is up with that?

Top destinations in the US for all (international + US) couples excluding Hawaii:

1. Las Vegas, Nevada
2. Key West, Florida
3. Gatlinburg, Tennessee
4. New York City, New York
5. Lake Buena Vista, Florida
6. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
7. Orlando, Flordia
8. Whitehouse, Texas
9. San Francisco, California
10. Miami, Florida

Where did you honeymoon, or if you’re not married, where would you dream of honeymooning?

4 thoughts on “Honeymooners Check In to Walt Disney World”

  1. What a fun list! I’m from Bristol, which is a short hour and a half drive from Gatlinburg, so I’ve spend a ton of time there. My guess is that it’s extremely affordable- also super beautiful. There are tons to do, though still family oriented. I think the biggest draw other than price would be the abundance of cabins and wedding chapels EVERYWHERE. Plus, being from that area, I know there’s no where else around that’s anything like it- so it’s an easy destination for any couples in Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, North and South Carolina and Georgia especially. I was married in that area and the UK family that came in absolutely LOVED it. It’s a super novelty and feels very “country” for international travelers without being IN the actual country with nothing to do.

    That being said, still I went to WDW for my honeymoon….haha. However, that marriage is over and if I ever honeymooned again, it would be a trip to Paris, that would also include a visit to Disneyland Paris.

  2. We got married in 2002 and 9/11 was still fresh in my mind and I really wanted to Honeymoon in Disney but we didn’t have a ton of money and my in-laws were kind enough to give us their timeshare week for Mexico so we honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and we absolutely HATED it! We felt like we couldn’t enjoy a quiet time because people kept coming up to us trying to sell us stuff. I mean it was non stop. On our way back from there to Massachusetts we stopped in San Francisco for a few days; now that city was awesome! I didn’t want to leave. Still I really wished we would have gone to Disney!

  3. We went to WDW, stayed in Beach Club Hotel. Then we went to NYC, with a one-night stop in Memphis, TN in between. Unforgettable. Best trip ever.

  4. My husband surprised me with a three day trip to WDW and 3 day Bahamas cruise in 1990 for our honeymoon. Nearly 25 years later we have taken our children (15 and 18) on many Disney trips, including Disneyland, Disneyworld and two Disney cruises. In January we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary at Aulani! You could say Disney has been a BIG part of our lives : )

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