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Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub Improvement – August 2014 Construction Update


The Magic Kingdom’s Plaza / Hub area is getting some upgraded viewing areas and extra walking paths. Here’s a look at the status of construction through August 2014.

The project is expected to be completed in phases with the new fireworks viewing areas to the left and right of main street opening first then they’ll add additional pathways around the hub and more landscaping. The eventual goal will add a very garden like feel to the Plaza.

Related to this improvement is a project to upgrade the frequently used backstage alley on the Tomorrowland sideo of Main Street. They’ve been doing some tests backstage where cameras aren’t allowed, but you can start to see some of the changes form on stage now too. I hope they enclose it into a beautiful arcade, but I’ll be happy with some decent theming and an alternate route.

Photos from around the hub and the backstage arcade below the jump:

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4 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub Improvement – August 2014 Construction Update”

  1. I am hoping they improve the look of the waterway around the hub. I have always been disappointed in the concrete curb look of the waterway and shoreline at the hub in the Magic Kingdom. Especially compared to the waterways in the hub at Disneyland where the concrete is colored brown and made to look like a natural shoreline. They really “phoned it in” back in ’71.

  2. Are the walls annoying when u are walking around? And do they block photos? And also, can u still see the castle from the Crystal Palace, or is the view blocked now?

    1. Once you’re in front of the castle the walls aren’t a problem. You will see them from the Crystal Palace, but they don’t block the view of the castle.

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