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Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub Construction Update – July 2014


Since it’s been awhile since the Plaza redo was announced, I thought I’d start the video off with a look at the concept art Disney released. Unlike other videos of the project, this time there’s more than just some dirt that’s been pushed around. The Adventureland side of the hub has actual construction with what looks like a concrete footing having been laid for what will eventually support the parade and fireworks viewing garden.

Also interesting to note that there is now an earthen dam holding the water back on the Tomorrowland side instead of the giant black rubber inflatable dam that never really succeeded in holding back the water. This version is a little better at it’s job.

The entire Plaza / Hub upgrade will be completed in sections, so while we may have to get used to walls, they’ll never totally encircle the hub, just the few areas they’re working on at a time.



I’m definitely looking forward to the finished project. I love the idea of easier navigation through a more garden like setting. Sounds relaxing.

3 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub Construction Update – July 2014”

  1. Do the walls obstruct any pictures? And are the walls annoying while you are trying to walk to different lands across Magic Kingdom? Also, when is this construction supposed to be finished? or at least this section of construction.

  2. Hmmm, it appears that they are simply reverting back to the way the area was in the late 90s and early 00s. I always liked the idea of the trees in front of the castle…like a forest. I probably missed it somewhere, but what is the estimated date of completion?

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