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Disney’s American Idol Experience Ends August 30th


If you haven’t heard, sinking interest in American Idol sunk the American Idol Experience attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney previously said it would close in January 2015, but news is out from cast members that they’ve been told Saturday August 30th will be their last performance.

Word on the street is that Disney wants to move the Frozen Sing-A-Long from the Premier theater to the location formerly known as the “Superstar Television Theater.” Disney recently extended the Frozen Summer Fun an extra 4 weeks and this move signals that elements of it are likely to stick around for much longer than that. No official word though. You can, however, start reserving Fastpass+ for the sing-a-long experience beginning September 2nd.

Nonetheless, it’s a sad time for the talented cast and crew that brings you The American Idol Experience. The grand opening in February 2009 was as star studded an affair as Disney World has seen in years. Although the show never made a big deal of it, many of the TV show’s finalists got their ‘dream ticket’ in Walt Disney World and all the winners have visited the park at some point or another.

Indigo at the American Idol Experience.

Indigo at the American Idol Experience.

Last year, The American Idol Experience had a special week dedicated to junior performers. They weren’t eligible for a dream ticket, but did earn the admiration of the audience with their performances. Our son passed the audition and event made it into the day’s finale performance. He didn’t win, but he had a fantastic time. We had hoped that Disney would return the Junior Edition one more time before shuttering the show. Oh well.

Did you ever audition for the show and/or even perform? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Congratulations to your son! That sounds like such a great experience. Perhaps he will go onto the show and audition someday. The experience must help there somehow even if he didn’t get a Dream Ticket.

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