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London’s Tattooed Bakers Create Amazing Angelina Jolie as Maleficent Cake


The Tattooed Bakers of London have created an amazingly realistic cake shaped as the head of Angelina Jolie as she portrays the character of Maleficent from the upcoming Disney movie.

The baking couple of Eddie Lebeau and Richard Amon created the cake as a private commission for a Disney fan, according to their Facebook page, which has photos of other photorealistic cakes they’ve made.

Lebeau says the red velvet cake was used to make it a little gory when cutting, but one almost hates to cut into such a work of art as this.

The Tattooed Bakers state they are a creative duo that blur the lines between cake, reality and art. One look at this cake and it’s easy to agree. To view their gallery of cakes, visit their website at