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Time Travel: Walt Disney World in 1984 (VIDEO)


In 1984 the world was quite different. The cold war had yet to enter its death throes, the Bell System that controlled the nation’s telecommunication system, was broken up into the baby bells, the first Apple Computer went on sale, and Bob Geldorf recorded “Do They Know It’s Christmas” at Band Aid to combat the famine in Ethiopia.

That was the year that Olivier Sanguy visited Walt Disney World with his Super 8 camera. A lot has changed in the last 30 years, so this video is a precious look back at how things were. They weren’t necessarily better, but I enjoyed seeing some of the spaces that just don’t exist anymore (particularly at EPCOT).

Alas, there is no sound (thanks to YouTube’s copyright policies). So you may want to queue up your favorite Disney parks music as you watch this wonderful 30 minute video:

Did you see anything you hadn’t seen before?