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Charlie Cox cast as Daredevil in Netflix Series


Charlie Cox, who played Tristan in the delightfully kooky film version of Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, has been cast in the lead role of Matt Murdock in Disney’s direct to Netflix TV series “Marvel’s Daredevil.” In the comic, Murdock is blinded as a young boy, but develops extraordinary senses (similar to echo-location) that allow him to ‘see’ despite his blindness. As and adult, Murdock becomes a lawyer to fight injustice, but dons the red suit at night to take on the heroic character of Daredevil in New York City.

I’m glad that Marvel is rebooting the Daredevil character. Why I enjoyed the original film, it definitely had flaws, and the character, whose comic I frequently read as a kid, deserves to be better known. What are you expecting from this series?