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Massive Home Made Disneyland Cake

There are Disneyland cakes and there are Disneyland cakes. Leanne Martin-Thormahlen’s massive cake definitely falls into the latter category.


Leanne Martin-Thormahlen is from Gilbert AZ, but grew up in Anaheim, CA living right next door to Disneyland. In addition to her love for Disneyland, Leanne had a love for working with clay, collecting miniatures, making chocolate creations, and cake decorating, and decided one day to incorporate it all into a cake.

Her son Garrett, now 13, was then turning 6, and Leanne felt that was the time to finally make her Disneyland cake! At first she hunted for buildings and decorations she could use to make her son’s birthday cake. But she couldn’t find any that matched her vision of the Disneyland cake would look. So, for six months, what she couldn’t buy she sculpted from clay, or redesigned the existing pieces.

Leanne planned it out to hopefully fit the kitchen table, however, it was too big. So her husband designed a bigger platform to help make it fit.

All in all it had 18 half sheet cakes, gallons of homemade butter cream icing, and lots of love! It took a whole day to bake and cool the cakes, and the next day, over 5 hours to decorate and put into place for the party. The good news, her son Garrett loved it and now remembers it as being the best birthday ever!

A big thanks to Leanne for sharing her picture of the cake with us. Any nominations for what Disney cake she should make next?