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Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – episode 22 preview: The Beginning of the End


It has been an interesting road we’ve gone down this season, full of twists, turns, stops, starts and lots of cameos.

Last week, we got to look back at Ward’s beginnings with SHIELD (and Hydra) as well as where the Deathlok project started. (I would love to hear your theories about what happened to Buddy. Between my friends and I, we have three different ideas).

Using old spy gear from the Howling Commandos was probably my favorite part of the episode and I’m glad that they’re using it again this week.

In this week’s season finale more secrets will be revealed as Coulson and his team (what’s left of it) go on the offensive to put an end to Garrett and Ward’s plans (hopefully rescuing Fitz-Simmons in the process).

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Garrett seems to be becoming more and more unhinged as the GH serum runs through his body. And, we’ll see the return of everyone’s favorite one-eyed, former SHIELD director. Also, Patton Oswalt is on the cast list for this episode. He’ll probably pop up in flashbacks, but let’s be honest, at this point, anything could happen.

I’m really looking forward to Tuesday night and glad that it got picked up for a second season (also really excited about Agent Carter).

What would you like to see happen in Season 2?

I actually hope that the show will be less connected to the movies next season because it was agonizing to watch one new episode a month until The Winter Solider came out (though, with Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out next year, I think I’m out of luck with that hope). The payoff was worth it, but I don’t want that to become a habit for the show. Being set in the same universe doesn’t have to mean being dependent on each other.

You can watch the opening moments of the episode below:

Fantastic! That’s a great Whedonism.