What are your top Walt Disney World Souvenirs?


If you’ve ever met Steven Miller of Disney Park’s merchandise team, then you know what a honest, knowledgeable, and passionate guy he is. Steven has put together a great video highlighting some of the Magic Kingdom’s top selling souvenirs including a few must-have items for any trip:

I know a lot of families like to arrive at the parks with ears, pins, and autograph books already in hand. If that’s you, you can order most of the items Steven mentioned from the Disney Parks section of the DisneyStore.

Other than the fantastic memories, what items do you consider the top souvenirs from your Walt Disney World visits?

2 thoughts on “What are your top Walt Disney World Souvenirs?”

  1. Always loved getting those figurines they would sell around. My very first trip there got Mickey in an astronaut outfit which I loved. First trip to MGM Studios had characters in movie-making gear and bout my niece a pack of characters in jungle gear from Animal Kingdom. Plus, enjoyed getting those cool pictorial books they’d sell to remember the magic afterward.

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