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Marvel News Roundup – Life After The Winter Soldier


There’s a lot of fun things going on in the world of Marvel, so let’s get to it.

Captain America opened up last week as number one in the box office (no surprise there). Opening with $92.6 million, the Winter Soldier now holds the record for the largest movie opening in April ever.

I don’t normally talk about rumors but this one is fun. At the St. Louis Comic-con, Nathan Fillion was asked if he would accept a role in Guardians of the Galaxy if he was asked. Besides being the epitome of a Joss Whedon alum, Fillion has also worked with Guardians’ director James Gunn on Castle. Here’s his response.

There was also a new clip from Guardians of the Galaxy on MTV.

The weekend of May 6, 2016 will be an interesting weekend at the box office. Marvel announced that Captain America 3 will open that weekend which is the same weekend as their Distinguished Competition’s Superman/Batman movie.

Back on the small screen (sort of), The Art of Agents of SHIELD is bringing artists from around the world together to create limited edition posters that capture clues or key moments from the season’s last six episodes.

And, actor Sam Jackson revealed that he has done some filming for the season finale of Agents of SHIELD.

News is slowly beginning to come out about this year’s Disney animated movie, which also happens to be based on an obscure Marvel comic from the 80’s, Big Hero 6. The latest is that TJ Miller (How to Train Your Dragon) is providing the voice of Fred, a “quirky and weird amateur filmmaker.”

The last bit of news is quite exciting. Marvel released a video teasing that their heroes will be joining the world of Disney Infinity. Enjoy.

What has you the most excited?

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