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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Series Finale Preview: And They Lived….

OW 1-13

And it all comes down to this.

Fortunately, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was always designed as a 13 episode series with the potential for more stories later. Obviously, the ratings haven’t lead to that, but we will get the climax of this story with these characters.

And what a climax we are going to have. It’s time for the ultimate battle between good (Alice) and evil in the form of Jafar who has succeeded in rewriting the rules of magic. That is going to mean that some dead characters are back. But even with all our friends alive, will we still be able to defeat Jafar?

I have my own theory on that, and it involves the climax of Aladdin. Wouldn’t that be a fitting end for this version of Jafar as well? Yet they never go the expected way in the Once universe, so who knows how things will turn out.

No word on any flashbacks, but I can’t think of any back story left to tell. Plus, I have a feeling that the present story will be so packed there won’t be time to flashback to anything anyway.

This epic battle will air Thursday night on ABC. I’ll see you at Carstairs Considers (most likely on Friday) with my recap.