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Thor: The Dark World DVD/Blu-Ray – A Look at the Special Features

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Thor The Dark World 3D Combo Box Art

With Thor: The Dark World now available for purchase, I was able to sit down and enjoy the special features on the Blu-ray DVD last night. The behind the scenes feature was very good, though it focused mainly on how Thor, Loki and their relationship has progressed over the three movies and wasn’t really a “making-of” feature.

There’s a featurette focusing on the score of the movie that was interesting. There were interview clips from the composer as he talks about the choices he made in creating the musical theme for the movie.

The gag reel and the deleted/extended scenes are underwhelming to me. I always compare the gag reels to the one on The Avengers (which I enjoy greatly) and this one comes up short. And the only deleted scene worth watching is the one they already released.

The Marvel One-Shot this time is called All Hail The King staring Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery. He’s become quite the celebrity in prison and there is even a documentary being filmed about him. We come in for the last interview by the guy making the film. For a short film, there is a pretty good twist at the end and a completely unexpected cameo.

There is also audio commentary that I haven’t been able to watch yet.

Overall, the special features on the Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray were good, but I would like to have seen more “making of” features.

Will you be adding this DVD to your collection?

3 thoughts on “Thor: The Dark World DVD/Blu-Ray – A Look at the Special Features”

  1. Im just upset that they did not make a bluray/DVD combo. It should still be a standard and not have a forced 3D upon us like that.

  2. Disappointed in the DVD version. I’m not buying a Blu-ray player when there is nothing wrong with my current equipment yet. I bought the DVD because I’m a Thor fan. Why put an entire featurette about Captain America and no Thor bonus features on the DVD except for one deleted scene (low volume problem) which seemed added as an after thought. I felt like someone said, “Oh wait….let’s throw the poor DVD customers a bone”. Not impressed with the menu graphics either.

    Sad product. It changed the viewing experience for me and I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I remembered when I saw it in the theater. I did buy the Avengers Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and felt it well worth the money which included better DVD extras. I know I’ll use the Blu-ray version eventually.

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