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Food Verdict: Love it or Hate it – Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow


Waffle Sandwiches snuck their onto the menu at Magic Kingdom Sleepy Hollow Refreshments last year and have been one of the park’s best lunch values ever since. I’ve tried the Nutella and Fresh Fruit and the Ham, Prosciutto, and Swiss waffles, but I hadn’t made the acquaintance of the Sweet and Spicy Chicken waffle until recently.

First, let’s talk about the location. For the view, you really can’t beat Sleepy Hollow. I mean, even with a giant crane behind it, Cinderella Castle still soars majestically above your table. You’re also parade route adjacent, with a good view of the floats as they cross the bridge from Liberty Square to the hub.


The restaurant itself is in a great looking building with lots of architectural style and feels like it would fit in fine in revolutionary America. Seating is plentiful and there’s a covered area if the rains decide to come, which they often do in Central Florida.

There’s just one queue to get into, and it snakes around a corner before you reach the ordering window. Which leads into the big problem with Sleepy Hollow, the speed of ordering. With just two registers and everything made to order, what looks like a short line can sometimes take a bit longer than expected to wait through. There’s also an odd division of labor on the pickup side. Drinks arrive at a separate window from the food. So sometimes two people are required to gather your complete order, especially since plastic trays are not available for carrying your food.

But don’t worry, the goodies at the end are worth it. It’s the only location for Funnel Cake at the Magic Kingdom (powdered sugar or strawberry topping is the choice) and they’ve added Waffles with the same topping options or as a sandwich.

Which brings me to the object of my affection this day — the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle sandwich. Chicken and Waffles is a southern thing that I’ve sampled a few times since moving to Orlando, but I first had it at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Los Angeles. Orlando even has a food truck dedicated to the mighty chicken waffle sandwich. So Disney might be accused of jumping on a trend with these menu items. But I’m not complaining.


Served hot in a paper tray, the sandwich is composed nicely with a good portion of lightly breaded spicy chicken paired with coleslaw and a light dusting of lettuce of some variety (it looks like arugula to me). Then there’s the sweet and spicy syrup drizzled attractively all over the waffle.

There is a little heat to the chicken and a not-so-subtle sweetness to the syrup, but it’s nothing hotter than a spicy chicken patty at Wendy’s or Burger King. The taste and portion, however, beats those locations hands down. The waffle size was perfect to be held and eaten taco style, but you may want to attempt the knife and fork approach. Either way, be prepared with a stack of napkins and a glass of ice water. The syrup is sticky and it gets all over the place no matter how you plan your attack.


Add it all together and you have the perfect lunch. And at less than $8.00, even including taxes, it’s one of the best values on property too.

The Food Verdict: Guilty of deliciousness and value, your honor.

Have you tried any of the waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow? What was your verdict?

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