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AVbyte Presents a Parody Video of Disney Princesses Tired of Being Damsels in Distress


What happens when Frozen’s Elsa decides she’s tired of being a damsel in distress needing saving by a man? This parody video starring many of your favorite Disney Princesses tries to answer that question.

The song is “I Don’t Need a Man” and the video is a creation of a duo known as AVbyte. Music and lyrics are by Antonius Nazareth, and the video was directed and edited by Vijay Nazareth.

The cast of this video is Michelle Cameron (Queen Elsa), Elizabeth Oldak (Belle), Tanja Nagler (Cinderella), Molly Gallagher (Ariel), Tiger Darrow (Snow White), Dominique Roberts (Aurora) and Celeste Hudson (Jasmine).

Here is the video for you to enjoy. What do you think of it? If you like their sense of humor, they also have other Disney Princess videos on their YouTube page.

Which Disney princess are you most like/attracted to and why?