Frozen Reigns Queen of the Animation Box Office in 10th weekend


Although Frozen only spent a few weekends atop the Box Office, it has done very well on nearly every other weekend since it’s release. In fact, this last weekend it came back to finish at #2. Thanks in part to a sing-a-long version.

The domestic take so far is an impressive $360 million. That put’s it 4th in the race for best producing animated feature domestically. This weekend, it should pass Despicable Me2 into third place. It’s already the top box office for all first-run Disney animated films. The Lion King still ranks ahead for all-time box office, but it’s had a few re-releases. Something I’m sure Frozen will enjoy too.

Internationally, Frozen collected another $500 million bringing the worldwide total to over $864 million. That’s a healthy box office for any film. If it passes Despicable Me2 ($970M) it will become the 2nd highest grossing release of 2013.

For an animated film, it now ranks in the top 8 all time. The question now is, will it reach $1 billion. So far only Toy Story 3 has passed that mark, taking 24 weeks to do so. Frozen has been in theaters for less than half that time. The family friendly The Lego Movie opens this weekend and might finally take a bite out of Frozen’s box office reach, we’ll see.

If you think all that was big, wait until March 18th when Frozen hits the home DVD market. Pre-order Frozen today, save up to 49% off the retail price and help The Disney Blog. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Frozen Reigns Queen of the Animation Box Office in 10th weekend”

  1. By isolating Frozen as an Animated movie and separating it from the rest of the competing films you are exposing exactly why this movie overperformed (and is so overhyped). It was (literally) the perfect “snow”storm.

    1) Competition:
    Frozen gets a lot of box office press but one thing notably omitted (even in this article) is the competition.

    Sep 27 – Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
    Nov 1 – Free Birds
    Nov 22 – Frozen
    Jan 17 – The Nut Job

    Frozen (and Despicable Me 2) benefitted immensely from the fact that 2013 was a bit of an animated box office dud.

    The secret with animated films (and why there are so many bad ones) is that there’s a large section of families that go to the movies based more on ritual rather than film quality. It’s a given that Universal/Dreamworks/Pixar will take the greater part of the pie but a bad movie can still get a slice and gross $100M if timed right. But this year … Croods, Free Birds, Epic, Turbo, Escape from Planet Earth, Planes, Monsters U, Despicable Me, Frozen. That pie was understandably cut in unfavorable portions because this was an awful year for QUALITY animated films.

    2) Climate:
    Life imitating Art. This may have been Disney’s biggest marketing tool and it didnt cost them a dime. People were trapped in their houses, surrounded by snow and forced to spend time with family in a seemingly eternal winter. And there’s this movie called Frozen where the lead character causes an eternal winter.

    3) Avatar effect
    As an early advocate for the film then I asked a ton of friends/family to watch but they said “no” because “I dont like musicals” or “It looks like a girls movie”. But two months later then every one of them saw it simply because the hype snowballed so huge.

    Personally, I dont like that Frozen has become Disney’s biggest animated film because, similar to Avatar which excelled in visuals but lacked in story, Frozen had an amazing soundtrack but AWFUL storytelling. Dont get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the sisters and soundtrack but this is not the crown jewel of Disney Animated Films and (again, similar to Avatar) I dont think this franchise will have the long term appeal that justifies the current hype.

    1. This is ur own opinion. Also, a movie doesn’t need a plot to be great. Sure, plots r important, but having the emotional powers is also important. U can see this through Bambi, which is regarded as a classic. When released, it had mixed reviews like Frozen. It lacked a plot, but instead relied more on emotion and morals to drive on the film, which ended up becoming a classic.
      U said Frozen won’t appeal for future generations, yet it still havent beaten Lion King, which was a massive hit and regarded as a classic. Frozen not being Disneys great is ur opinion, since lots of people live the film, and I have no doubt this film will be remembered like how Lion King was, just not as highly regarded, but still on the top.

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