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Walt Disney Biopic – As Dreamers Do


There’s no Ryan Gosling, but someone is making a biopic of Walt Disney’s life. It’s called “As Dreamers Do” and it is, obviously, unauthorized. The film follows young Walt as he develops his skills as an animator through to his creation of Mickey Mouse. I’ll be curious to see how true the script is to the two best biographies of early Walt’s life (Michael Barrier’s The Animated Man and Neal Gabler’s Walt Disney (although I know some have problems with Gabler’s research pertaining to the later years, the early year stuff is laid out in fascinating detail and largely confirmed by Barrier))

Here’s the just released second trailer released for the film:

I have to say the production value looks pretty good for an independent film. We’ll find out how the rest holds up this spring when the movie is released. No word yet on distribution or where it might be playing in your area. Supposedly there might be a premier in Toronto.

Catch up with the folks behind the movie on their Facebook page and let us know if you’ll be catching this one in the theaters?