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Walt Disney Biopic – As Dreamers Do


There’s no Ryan Gosling, but someone is making a biopic of Walt Disney’s life. It’s called “As Dreamers Do” and it is, obviously, unauthorized. The film follows young Walt as he develops his skills as an animator through to his creation of Mickey Mouse. I’ll be curious to see how true the script is to the two best biographies of early Walt’s life (Michael Barrier’s The Animated Man and Neal Gabler’s Walt Disney (although I know some have problems with Gabler’s research pertaining to the later years, the early year stuff is laid out in fascinating detail and largely confirmed by Barrier))

Here’s the just released second trailer released for the film:

I have to say the production value looks pretty good for an independent film. We’ll find out how the rest holds up this spring when the movie is released. No word yet on distribution or where it might be playing in your area. Supposedly there might be a premier in Toronto.

Catch up with the folks behind the movie on their Facebook page and let us know if you’ll be catching this one in the theaters?

6 thoughts on “Walt Disney Biopic – As Dreamers Do”

  1. Christopher T. Rhodes

    I’m curious why they made the decision to have the Walt actor NOT have a mustache? He kinda had that, like, his whole life.

  2. I’d be interested to see how this unauthorized film incorporates classic Disney characters and films without violating Disney trademarks and copyrights.

    Also, if that one line of dialog is any indication, the film may be visually appealing, but it’ll be treacly and dull.

    1. The trademark thing is easy. Unless you’re using a trademark in commerce in a confusing way (or that suggests endorsement), you’re okay to use it in your film, just make sure you indicate that all trademarks are property of their respective owners in the credits somewhere. Copyright is more sticky. However, considering Disney just let an entire movie filmed in their themeparks go ahead with theatrical and pay-per-view distribution, I don’t think there will be a problem with any bio-pics. Of course, I am not a lawyer. So definitely consult yours before you start on a project like this. I’m sure the producers of this film did.

    2. Dull?????

      What about Walt’s life is “dull”??? Someone please explain this in words one of Walter’s die-hard fans could understand. ._.

  3. It bugs me a tiny bit that this kid doesn’t look like Walt really at all, but it looks an awful lot like Tim Burton’s adaptation of “Big Fish” and I really like that a lot.

    There’s a great connection with the visuals for me and what little I’ve seen of the acting so far with me as well. :3

    I still haven’t seen Saving Mr. Banks, though!!! I’m pretty upset at myself for not having been brave enough to go see it on Christmas. :(

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