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This blog was founded before the days of YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. In fact, the first “social media” account it had was on MySpace. We may have been late comers to some channels, but have grown to love the communities of fans that have grown up around each. If you’re not participating in one or more of these channels, we hope you’ll join in the conversation. If you are already a member of one or more, we urge you to add one new place to find us to your list.

The Disney Blog grows on the strength of its content, but also on the wings of its community members. Anytime you find an article you like and share it with your online friends, you’re helping expose a new audience to the wonderful world of Disney blogging that we try to provide here.


We’re excited to introduce a new wing of The Disney Blog’s online community the Walt Disney World Explorers’ Club — A Facebook Group for people who love to visit Walt Disney World. It’s open to anyone. Ask your travel planning questions, share your favorite tips, and even links to non-commercial blogs and news about the world. We just ask that you stay on topic.

We are also continuing to maintain and engage Disney fans of all manner and experience via our long time online communities.

Facebook – Useful for sharing The Disney Blog with your friends and a great place to discuss the stories we post daily.

Twitter – Join over 66,000 others on “The Twitter” where we post interesting stories we find as well as links to the latest stories on The Disney Blog

Instagram – Photos and short videos taken in and around Walt Disney World and other Disney theme parks by the staff of The Disney Blog.

The Disney Blog

Pinterest – Somewhat neglected, and shared with a few of my personal passions, but still a great place to get in touch with The Disney Blog and its fans via the pins they find interesting.

YouTube – Videos from in and around Walt Disney World and other Disney theme parks.

Google+ – Last but not least, if you’re looking for an alternative to the Facebook content stream, we encourage you to circle The Disney Blog on Google+.