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Legends from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey In Orlando


In my experience, Disney fans are quite often also fans of the spectacle and magic of showbiz. Other than Disney, there is no bigger purveyor of spectacle and magic than Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey. Their circus acts have entertained families of all ages for decades. So it makes sense that Disney partnered with Feld Entertainment, who produces their circus shows, to also put on Disney themed shows, such as Disney on Ice, etc.

In their latest show, Legends, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey brings the unbelievable to excited audiences. Experience unimaginable family fun, as amazing performers from around the globe perform awe-inspiring feats of daring, spectacles of strength and thrills of wonder to summon the mythical and mysterious creatures of the past: a Unicorn, a Pegasus and a Woolly Mammoth! Now that sounds like fun.

Legends continues its tour of the South East and East coast cities with a huge stop at Orlando, FL’s Amway Center on January 9-12. If you’re living in or around Orlando, FL we want you to have a chance to go to the circus. We’ve been provided a family-four pack to the Saturday January 11th 3:30 PM performance. Enter a comment below (and be sure to leave your full name and email in the correct fields) with your favorite type of circus act and I’ll draw one winner on Wednesday January 8th at 9AM. (more rules below the jump.)

Don’t want to wait for a contest? You can purchase tickets here. (Make sure you’re buying circus tickets, not just parking tickets, both are available). There are still some great seats left if you look carefully.

Below the jump, check out some super behind the scenes details about Legends.




This international cast and crew includes individuals from roughly 20-25 different countries:

United States of America, Paraguay, Italy, Poland, Brazil, Japan, Mongolia, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Cuba, France, Venezuela, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Peru, Ecuador, Kyrgyz Republic, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Great Britain, and China.

It takes about 16 hours to set up the entire show for the first performance in each city and about 10 hours to tear down the show and load the circus train for each trip.

THE ANIMALS – our performing partners!

The 85 animals on tour with Legends include:
Asian elephants (9); Names: Karen, Nichole, Bonnie, Juliette, Sara, Kelly Ann, Rudy, Sundara and April.
Tigers (9); Black/Orange
African Lion (6)
African Leopard (1)
Horses (20)
Plus (21) dogs, (4) pigs, (8) goats, (2) donkeys, (3) llamas, and (2) kangaroos

All animals are groomed and exercised daily, either in the arena or in practice areas set up in the animal enclosures.


More than 100 costume technicians, milliners, cutters, drapers, tailors, finishers, and assistants spent a total of 48,000 hours to create and build all the costumes for the Legends production. This does not include the many hours dedicated to the design process for each costume.

There are over 550 costumes in the production, with more than 100 hats & nearly 1,000 shoes.


The Ringling Bros. production Legends tours with a live band of 9 musicians, who may collectively play an amazing 20 different instruments throughout the show. Their collective experience in the live music business is over 200 years.

There are 200 uniquely different pieces of music used in the show, which are custom composed by award willing Hollywood and Broadway composers for this production, and include more than 30 different musical styles.


Nearly 100,000 pounds of equipment hang from 100 electric chain hoists

Additional 10-12 spotlight operators are hired locally in each city. They rehearse lighting the show one time before the audience sees it.

8 confetti Canons are use in the finale number of each performance Legends. Over a one year tour, more than 2000 pounds (one ton) of confetti will be used.



Additional Rules of Entry

Entrant must live within the Orlando, FL metropolitan area. Not valid where prohibited. Valid email and full name required for all entries. All entries must be received by 9AM Eastern Time on January 8th. A confirmation email will be sent to the winner with details on how to pick up tickets for January 11th 3:30 PM show. Please do not enter this contest if you do no intend to attend. The Disney Blog editor John Frost reserves the right to update rules or end contest at any time with or without a winner.

7 thoughts on “Legends from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey In Orlando”

  1. The first time I saw an elephant was at a Ringling show when I was about six. I was floored (almost literally) by the size and scent of what he left behind. I’ll never forget it, and the elephants are always my favorite thing to see at the circus.

  2. Favorite circus act is the trapeze! Although when I was really little and saw Ringling, they had a real, live unicorn that I’ve never forgotten!

  3. Alicia Warnick-Ellis

    I told my 12 year old son that I needed to take him to the circus once before he stopped being a kid. Would love to win this contest tomorrow. My parents took us to the circus every year at the Bayfront center in St Pete. The past time I went we arrived in a Limo. it was awesome but I was a jerky teenager who complained about the circus! It would be a great birthday present for me!@

  4. I have taken my son in years past and never failed to awe at the bravery of the trapeze artist. Even though they are professionals I stil grit my teeth as they let go with only the floor beneath them, until someone catches them. What trust and professionalism. What a great giveaway- thanks!!

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