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Disney Princess Lingerie Offered In Japan


It appears Disney fandom and cosplay has reached a new level. You can now purchase Princess-inspired lingerie in Japan.

A company called Bellemaison has four different sets for sale, inspired by Aurora, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Belle. I thought at first it might be unlicensed, but a disclaimer at the bottom of the online catalog states, “Disney Fantasy shop is subject to the agreement with Walt Disney Japan.” (Ok, so I had Google translate it for me.)

Each bra and panties set retails for 3,990 yen, which is approximately $38 USD, at the Bellemaison boutique in Japan, or online (if you know Japanese clothing sizes and the language).

Call me crazy, but I think undergarments like this would probably sell really well at the U.S. parks, though I’m sure some would call it inappropriate. Most people may not know this, but Disneyland opened with a store on Main Street USA that sold undergarments called “Wizard of Bras.” So this isn’t too far off the reservation.

What are your thoughts? If these lingerie sets were sold at the parks, would you buy them?

(Found via io9 )

4 thoughts on “Disney Princess Lingerie Offered In Japan”

  1. As much as I (really, really!!) like these sets, I think the significant other might be a tad freaked out, as he’s not a Disney fan but obviously, I am. :)

    That being said, I’d love a Cinderella set. I doubt they even come in my (bra) size.

    Interesting find!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. If I could figure out my size and how to navigate a Japanese website, I’d probably buy a pair. It is cute and fun… and would be just for me… just imagine how kick butt you would feel leaving the house for the day knowing you are rocking some princess power!

  3. I would absolutely buy all the pairs! My husband would flip! He and i are huge Disney fans who even honeymooned at Disneyland. If i had owned these then, it would have been the icing on the cake. If Disney reopened The Wizard of Bras on Main Street, offering an array of Disney themed night clothes, underwear, socks, etc… I think it would be a smash! Even more so if they brought in relics from the store’s famed past. People love nostalgia and true Disney fans usually love Disney history.

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