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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Preview: 1-5 – Heart of Stone

OW 1-5

After getting some of Jafar’s back story last week, it seems everyone I know who is watching this show was ready to learn more about Anastasia, aka the Red Queen. Well, the writers and producers must have been expecting that because she is the focus of this episode.

The flashback is going to pick up just after Anastasia and Will Scarlet, aka Knave, jumped through the looking glass portal into Wonderland. As much as they had dreamed about this day, they will see that Wonderland is not the paradise they thought it was. Struggling to survive, we’ll see just what made Anastasia feel she had to become the Red Queen.

Interestingly enough, all the material I’ve been able to find about the episode seems to focus on the flashback portion. I don’t know what will be happening in the present, but I assume that Alice will be trying to figure out how to turn Knave from stone to human again. And I’m hoping we’ll see more about Cyrus’ escape attempt. After all, since Alice used a wish last week, we’ve got to do something to get a step closer to stopping Jafar.

We’ll find out for sure what happens with the episode airs Thursday at 8/7c. And I’ll be over at Carstairs Considers on Friday with my recap.