Starbucks Makes Splash at EPCOT a Bit Early


I snuck into EPCOT today after a little bird told me that the new Starbucks was opening a few days ahead of schedule. Turns out it was just a preview, but karma was on my side and I was allowed in with a group of guests to help the team work out any final kinks before officially opening tomorrow, September 4th.

The new location keeps the Fountain View name, but ditches the ice cream for other, more caffeinated treats. The layout will look very familiar to those who have visited the Magic Kingdom Starbucks. Only instead of turn of the century look and feel, there’s a vaguely futuristic, decidedly fluid watery environment. It’s appropriate given the Fountain View location.

It is a slightly smaller space than the MK location. Similarly there are no tables or chairs, or even benches, inside. There is a small space on an exterior porch for some tables, but you’re exposed to the elements there. So you take your chances if the winds blow the fountain mist your way.

Another change is that there is now only one entrance via the front doors that face the fountain. I’m not sure this is a good move, as it means there’s no way to get coffee without getting wet when it’s raining and no where to hangout inside when it does.

I love me some Starbucks, of course your mileage may vary depending on your addition level. Having it at EPCOT is going to make those chilly mornings easier. It’s nice that the prices aren’t that much above your typical Starbucks location either.

More photos below the jump:

Are you looking forward to having a Starbucks in each of the four parks and Downtown Disney? Any ideas where they should put it at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

9 thoughts on “Starbucks Makes Splash at EPCOT a Bit Early”

  1. Interesting to see in your artistic pic that the cup has Disney Parks labeling. One of the laments of the MK location was that the cups were promoting Starbucks, not Disney. Not sure if it’s because it’s a test, and they don’t have their mermaid decorated supplies fully stocked or if they’re developing better co-branding.

  2. You won’t find me walking in any Starbucks store. They are everywhere and now spoiling the Disney landscape. I am a coffee lover, but can’t get past the high prices and corporate dislike of the place. I don’t like their coffee and the unhealthy high-priced flavored stuff they sell. Guess if I want coffee with a meal, I will have to make my own in my room.

  3. I am happy to see better coffee than the ubiquitous Nescafe “coffee”, though not a fan of seeing Starbucks added to the list of outside corporate branding inside the parks. I appreciate what they have done to blend them into the environments to different degrees. Overall, I’m happier to have this option than not.
    I can see that they are offering their bagged beans of coffee. Who is buying those on their vacation?

  4. Have to say I’m disappointed to hear that they are going in all four parks. Main St Bakery and Fountain View were two of my favourite places for snacks in WDW. I can buy mass-produced high calorie Starbucks junk food anywhere. I want high calorie Disney junk food! ;)

    Seriously though, very disappointed. I can appreciate coffee fans (of which I’m not one) wanting better quality coffee, but surely there could have been a better, more Disney way.

  5. I am! I’m totally buying Starbucks. Elated to find them in the parks. My mother in law used to drive to the local dunkin donuts for coffee in the morning for me because there were literally no good options. What I’ll never understand is the obvious corporate sponsorships Disney has had from conception…Epcot in particular. So really what is the big deal? I never hear a complaint about Dole Whips or coke cola products or Kodak?

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