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Fresh Fruit Snack Option Unbelievable


A couple weekends ago I noticed that the sweet treats the Confectionery and Big Top Treats at the Magic Kingdom were accompanied by healthier fresh fruit options. At the time I remarked how nice it was to see Disney back up its healthy kids initiative with actual healthy snacks. However, I failed to notice the price tag Disney added to the fruit, if so, I’m sure I would have had a different reaction.

This weekend I recommended the lovely Disney Blog wife check out the fresh fruit option to tide her over until Disney. She noticed that each fruit kabob had but three grapes, one small strawberry, and a chunk of pineapple, but Disney was selling it for $3.29!

That’s insane. For $3.29 you could get a small flat of strawberries and a bag of grapes at the local grocery store. To put it another way, if you wanted a small bowl of fruit (say 9 grapes, 3 strawberries and a few bits of pineapple) you would have to pay $9.87, more than many counter service meals for just a few bite of fruit. I know the fruit bowl at Sunshine Seasons, over at EPCOT, gives you more than that for a lot less.

Yes, I know that Disney wants to offer this snack as part of the Disney Dining Program to show that it too has healthy options. Therefore they have to make it seem like the value is similar to other snack options by pricing it above $3.00. That’s fine, but offer 3 of those small sticks instead of one. The pricing as it stands now means Disney only wants to have healthy options in name only, but isn’t serious about offering them at a price or portion that is reasonable.

Come on Disney! You can do better than that.


8 thoughts on “Fresh Fruit Snack Option Unbelievable”

  1. I sadly paid for this in early August. I was craving some fruit and healthy food after being in the parks for days. Not being on the dining plan it was a big price to swallow. At least all the fruit tasted fresh. Mine did go wild and had two strawberries on it. Disney charges a high “tax” for healthy snacks and that makes me sad.

  2. I agree, that is positively ridiculous for that price. Considering how much their ‘junk’ food costs, you’d think the healthier options would be more affordable.

    Sad. I hope they change that, or offer more for that pricetag. I’d have those three pitiful grapes. half a strawberry and a bite of pineapple down within 30 seconds.

  3. I think that’s the same price for a banana at some of the fruit stands/markets in WDW – for 1 banana. That would be too much for a POUND of bananas in the read world. If you want healthy, pack your own I guess!

  4. I am really disheartened with the direction Disney is going. Small tangent – Their most recent RFID cup system that tracks drinks and how often you can fill up is another example about how they seem to be counting pennies rather than looking at the big picture and guest experience. Did some abuse the drink system? Yes, but the costs of the food are high enough and the costs of the drinks are so low for Disney that there is no way they were losing money on that. they could have solved the problem just by coming out with different cups like they used to and enforcing the refillable cups. It’s far better than someone passing out in the Florida heat.

    I can imagine people holding up the line now trying to fill the cups up and dumping the drink into a larger cup, then waiting for their 2 minute time to be up to refill again and again.

    It cost Disney more $ to implement this technology than it would have to just be reasonable and fair.

    I have money – I can pay for my food and cups at Disney, but this is going to hit the families that are just barely able to afford to go. The attitude is also one of penny-pinching and mistrust.

    I really hope that they rethink some of these things or they run the risk of being the fake theme park that they joke about on the Simpsons ride. 1 slushie is $20 but you get 2 when the ice melts.

  5. WOW!!! I would have to shout how much that sucks loudly at the counter. That’s just ridiculous. Even if they gave you two kabobs it would be ridiculous.

  6. Ouch. I’m always on the lookout for slightly healthier options, but yeah, that’s outrageous. It has to be worth it and able to fill me up for me to consider it!

  7. I’ve noticed Disney has made great strides in offering healthier options on the dining menus but haven’t quite made the same effort on the snacks. That’s an insane price to charge for such little fruit. Hopefully someone is keeping track of production vs sales and can see it’s failure.

  8. That’s what a backpack is for. Bring your own fruit.

    The RFID cups are a whole other story. Far too many people were stealing soda. I’ve seen myself adults sticking their heads under the fountains to drink the soda directly.

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