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Disney Villains To Appear at Disneyland and Hollywood Studios this Friday the 13th


Rumors of a fifth gate at Walt Disney World occasionally bubble to the surface and more often than not it takes the form of a Disney Villains themed thrill park (or maybe Heroes vs Villains depending on who you ask). I think that might be taking the concept a bit far, but Disney’s Villains do deserve more “air time” in the giant interactive experience that is the Disney theme park.

The 2013 Limited Time Magic promotion will bring just that to Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on, appropriately enough, Friday the 13th next month. Both parks will stay open until the 13th Hour (1 a.m.) giving you time to squeeze that extra encounter or two in. While there is a upcharge Mickey’s Not-So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom that evening, this evening is free with your regular park admission.

Headlining the evening will be a dance party hosted by notorious Disney villains like Maleficent, Capt. Hook, and Hades. The hub of the villains’ festivities will be staged “dead” center of Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Hades’ Hangout – the hottest club north of the Underworld.

The “Lord of the dead,” Hades, will host spine-tingling fun while his henchmen, dancers, interactive DJ and hot house band keep the nighttime activities on fire. Hades’ 13 devilish Disney brutes will be waiting in Villain Encounters surrounding Hades’ Hangout for greetings and autographs with guests.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of the midnight witching hour “Villainy in the Sky” will set the sky ablaze with spectacular fireworks, and keep the party going until the 13th hour.

On this spooktacular evening, villains will take over Disneyland as well. Town Square is transformed for the party where guests may see villains like Captain Hook, the Queen of Hearts, Judge Frollo and Lady Tremaine. Cobwebs and vines, Halloween-themed projections, lighting effects and an eerie fog set the tone for the evening. Witches and warlocks will get the dance party started, spinning a mix of upbeat Halloween tunes and Disney-friendly Top 40 hits.

Later in the evening, the twisted celebration spills over to New Orleans Square Train Station with lurking Disney villains ready for the Unleash the Villains Dance Party featuring a lit-up dance floor and raised platforms, spooky décor and lighting effects. A mischievous station master DJ conducts this party — announcing the arrival of a different ghoulish Disney villain at the 13th minute after every hour. Villains will be on the prowl after dusk for photo ops and character greetings, plus a few special surprises.

It all sounds like fun to me. Would you like to see Disney do more with their villains?

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  1. Personally I’ve always wanted a Disney Classic Park. This way they could keep all the old rides, put new ones in WDW, and double occupancy. Even put in new rides based on old movies.

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