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Princess Fairy Tale Hall Adds A Marquee


Yesterday we looked in on the progress of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, the last piece of New Fantasyland and scheduled to open sometime in 2014. But before that day arrives, there’s one other element of the New Fantasyland changes that is set to open. Disney’s Imagineers have been working on changing the interior of the Princess Fairy Tale Hall from it’s incarnation of Snow White’s Scary Adventures into a space worthy of a queen, or princess in this case.

The hall, which is set to open this fall, will be the home to two Disney Princesses, Cinderella or Rapunzel, to start. Each accessible via a separate entrance. Each princess will also have a special guest, usually another Disney princess.

This week Disney’s Imagineers started installing some of the exterior elements of the meet and greet. More photos below the jump:

The new Marquee looks good. Interesting to see how there will be two separate Fastpass+ entrances, but on opposite sides of the building.


There is a little space to hang the image of the Princess you’ll be seeing that day.


What’s up with the lack of an apostrophe on the sign? Shouldn’t it be Disney’s Fastpass+? As in Disney is the one who created it.


I really like how it fits in with the brightly colored feel of Cinderella Castle courtyard. I’m curious to see what banners are unfurled on the poles.


We were able to keep tabs on interior development until about the point where they added drywall about 3 months ago. Since then, we don’t know how fast they’ve been working on the actual meet and greet rooms. But there is some concept art as to how it might look when it opens.


For now the Princesses are holding court in Town Square in the Opera House. What characters would you like to see take their place when they move back to Fantasyland?