Wreck-it Ralph as if it were Hand Drawn Animation


I’m a big fan of Hand Drawn animation, as are many Disney fans. But we haven’t been enough to save the artform from withering on the tree at Walt Disney Animation Studios. In April, Burbank let go most of the hand-drawn animation team. It’s a shame, because artists like Nick Ranieri can still crank out some pretty amazing stuff with pen and and paper.

Here’s a pencil test for Wreck-it Ralph from Ranieri. The film’s directors used it to get a sense for how the character would move and act while the CG Animation Department was still working in early stages.

Below the jump is another pencil test, this time from Eric Goldberg, of King Candy:

The quality isn’t all that good. But you still get a feel for it.

What do you think, would Wreck-it Ralph have worked as a 2d animation?

3 thoughts on “Wreck-it Ralph as if it were Hand Drawn Animation”

  1. Thanks for sharing these, they sparkle with LIFE!

    While I do not think that Wreck It Ralph would have worked without CGI (at least within the game environments themselves), I sure hope we can get some more hand drawn projects someday. They have a life that I don’t think can be fully recaptured only digitally.

    There are some great and moving digital pieces, but they are in a different category, really.

  2. Beautiful, I love it. I think it could have worked as 2D, although I had no gripes with the way it was done.

  3. I love hand drawn animation. These tests make me nostalgic for great drawing. The perception is the public doesn’t want this type of animation any more.

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