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Top Ten Ways to Get Your Disney Sugar Rush.

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I like to think that calories consumed at Disney World don’t count.  Oh sure, I can’t prove it, but when was the last time you gained weight on a Disney trip? Given what is clearly the start of a solid scientific hypothesis, let’s just go with the idea that you can indulge all you want and not feel guilty. If you feel the same way, I’ve got the top ten must-do sugar rushes right here on this list. Best of all, everything, save for the bread pudding, is just one snack credit on the Disney Dining Plan.

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10. The  Red Velvet Cupcake at Starring Rolls in Hollywood Studios.

Unlike a lot of cupcakes sold at Walt Disney World, this one isn’t so sweet that you can’t taste the actual flavors, which is great because the red velvet base of this cupcake comes with a cream cheese center that’s topped with delicious cream cheese frosting.  These cupcakes will sell out early, so make sure you pick one up before early afternoon.

9.  The Citrus Swirl at Sunshine Tree Terrace.

Brought back by retro-loving Imagineers, the Citrus Swirl is one part frozen orange juice and one part vanilla soft serve. Separate, they’re nothing to write home about, but together they’re truly something special. Warning: The Citrus Swirl is responsible for more “ice cream” headaches than any frozen treat in the known universe.  Proceed with caution. Delicious, delicious caution.

8.   The Dole Whip at Aloha Isle.

You can enjoy this pineapple soft serve treat alone, with pineapple juice added, or swirled with vanilla ice cream. It’s a less tart, slightly sweeter version of the Citrus Swirl, and the long lines you’ll encounter every day of the year attest to its status as an iconic Disney treat.  A must do, even if just once.

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7.  The Bread Pudding at Ohana.

I have one complaint about Ohana, which is that everything is pretty sweet, starting with the bread and ending with the shrimp they generally serve last, so you’d think I’d be done with sugar by that point. Not so fast. The bread pudding at Ohana is heaven on a plate and to guild the lily just a bit more, they top it with caramel and vanilla ice cream. Divine.

6.  A candied apple available everywhere on property.

Not just candied, but covered in chocolate, caramel and nuts, these treats are almost too pretty to eat. You can ask to have it cut up when you order it, but what fun is that?


5.  Cotton Candy from the Main Street Confectionery in the Magic Kingdom.

Sure, it’s just spun sugar and food coloring, but there’s something especially fun about returning to this childhood treat.

4. Anything caramel from Karamell-Kuche.

It’s pretty much impossible to narrow down a favorite treat at this shop in Epcot’s Germany pavilion, where just standing inside can give you a sugar rush. Sweet, buttery, and just a little salty. That’s really all you need, right? Well don’t stop there because you can get it covered in nuts, chocolate, even slathered on buttery shortbread.  Save those snack credits for this shop because without them, it’s somewhat pricey.

3. A funnel cake from Sleep Hollow in the Magic Kingdom or the American Adventure in Epcot.

Like cotton candy, a funnel cake is a throwback to county fairs and being a carefree kid. These funnel cakes are sweet and crispy with a tender interior, covered with powdered sugar or fruit. They’re huge, so they’re also an inexpensive treat for two or three.

2.  The Mickey Bar.

You can get a Mickey Bar, which is a chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream bar, everywhere on property. At less than $4, it’s an inexpensive treat that will allow you to ponder that deep eternal question: Which ear to bite first?


1.  The Carrot Cake Cookie from The Writer’s Stop in Hollywood Studios.

It’s not pretty, but with a substantial dollop of cream cheese frosting sandwiched between two soft carrot cake cookies, this cookie has achieved cult status among Disney fans in the know and is my top choice for a sweet treat in Walt Disney World.  It’s huge, so plan on sharing it with a friend. Oh who am I kidding? Keep it for yourself. You deserve it.

I’d love to know what your top sweets are. Are yours on this list or do you have a sleeper treat you’d like to share with the rest of us?

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways to Get Your Disney Sugar Rush.”

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich from Sleepy Hollow! It’s as big as your head and fresh made. Once the ice cream starts to melt and cover the cookie…mmm!

  2. Haven’t had the bread pudding at Ohana, but I can’t imagine any bread pudding better than the bread and butter pudding at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney. I’ll be there next month, and can hardly wait.

  3. I’m a Writer’s Stop fan myself although I just don’t like carrot cake. My pick would be the blueberry muffins and my kids think that the cookies as big as their heads are just fine and dandy! This is easily my favorite, favorite place in the whole world (and I’m not just talking about Disney World either!). Thanks for the list! Can you believe I’ve never had a Dole Whip? I know! Criminal! It’s top of the list for our upcoming trip!

    PS I actually LOST weight on our last trip…I’m not exactly sure how, either!

    1. See, I think this happens lot. For one, you’re walking a ton and just moving so much more than usual, even if you’re normally active. And then there’s the heat, which I feel makes me eat less. Then there’s the price. I can’t afford to get fat on Disney prices!

  4. These all look delicious, but I think this list is missing the pain au chocolat from the France pavilion. So good!

  5. Thanks for posting an actual list of items. I like to see if there are things I haven’t tried yet and but them on my agenda for my next trip. Another website listed their top ten snacks and basically just made a list of categories. (#10 candy, #9 bakery items, etc).

  6. Ok…so this is a vote for something at Disneyland, but before I go there I have to second the Mickey Bar at #2. I discovered those on a Disney cruise a few years back and make a point to get one whenever at the park.

    So…for the Disneyland treat, I have vote for the beignets in New Orleans Square. Simply awesome…served nice and toasty warm, shake ’em up with the powdered sugar and, rather than having heaven on a plate, you will have it in the bag!


    1. Holy cow, yes. Those are fantastic. They’re messy though, so someone who seems to always find herself wearing black is just asking for trouble when eating those. Totally worth it.

      And the churros are SO better there too.

  7. While I agree with all of the above, I have to say that I save my splurge for the 50’s Prime Time Cafe. I usually order the s’mores dessert. This is how I order it:
    Put the dessert under the broiler and forget about it until you smell something burning, then you’ll know it’s done. I’ve been a big fan of this camping treat since I was in the Girl Scouts and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  8. The sorbets at chefs de france (and I see now they opened an entire ice cream/sorbet shop!) are delicious. Coconut and pear have been my favs so far.

    But the caramel apples are my go to sweet at the parks!

  9. I love the list, allthough I’m ashamed to say I haven’t had any of these amazing treats when I was in Disney.
    Suffice it to say I have to get back there some day.
    As for my favourite it has to be the amazingly huge cinnemon rolls in the Beauty and the Beast part of the Magic Kingdom.
    Yet again a treat that’s as big as your head and turned a huge amount of heads while eating it. And eat it with delight we did!

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