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RetroLand: 1960 Tomorrowland Spaceman and Spacewoman

Construction for Disneyland’s original Tomorrowland didn’t even start until December 1955, that left them just 6 months to pull it all together. If you visited the early incarnation of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland you would have encountered a number of exhibits that were essentially corporate brochures realized in 3-D. Walt really didn’t get a chance to articulate the aesthetic he wanted until he set plans for the 1967 Tomorrowland version in motion. Alas, he didn’t live to see how it all came together (and it wasn’t really complete until Space Mountain opened at the Magic Kingdom anyway).

One of the iconic elements of the 50s and 60s Tomorrowland was the “Spaceman” character. Here from the Disneyland archives is a rare photo from 1960 where “Spacewoman” joins in the fun.


Love it. Check out that Space Age Googie Architecture in the back too.

These days, Tomorrowland is a sore-spot for the magic kingdom parks. America no longer shares the unbridled enthusiasm for the future that made the Spaceman character so cool. But we do need a vision for the future and I hope Disney’s parks can play a part in that again. What would you like to see if Tomorrowland was ever updated again?

2 thoughts on “RetroLand: 1960 Tomorrowland Spaceman and Spacewoman”

  1. That is just awesome! I am digging the gigantic arm and leg cuffs on “Space-Mans” suit. One wonders if that costume has survived in some deep corner of the Disney archive!

    And agreed on the “vision” for the future. The space industry today has gotten rather over-wrought with rules, regulations and process. To many bean counters and not enough “imagineers” I am afraid. Anyway…I digress.

    Thanks for the great picture!

  2. If they can set up parks around “The Hollywood that never was” they should be able to create a land for the Future that never was. I think that’s the best approach to Tomorrowland. Think Jetsons, think Futurama, think Meet the Robinsons.
    I’d love to see more Tron and less Stitch.

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