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ABC Family has a hot summer line-up…but what about Bunheads?!

UPDATE: Bunheads has received a very coveted 25% tax break from the State of California for a possible Season 2. This is a good sign for an announcement of a new season, but ABC Family has still said they are going to wait to see how their summer programs do.

ABC Family

ABC Family, now known for its teen and twenty-something programming that takes over social media nightly, is trying to mix it up…to a degree. This summer sees the channel bringing back some crazy big hits, some modest successes, and some new shows trying to mix up the formula we are used to.

Of course, Pretty Little Liars is returning for its summer season, so expect a LOT of tweeting. The show has taken over TV, Social Media and my high school, so look for some huge ratings to come from its premiere June 11th at 8pm. Right after is the premiere of Twisted, a new mystery drama about a guy who reconnects with his two best friends from his youth and the lead suspect of a murder at the same time. 


Wednesday nights are dedicated to comedy, with Baby Daddy returning for a second season and Melissa and Joey returning for a third and it has already been green lit for a 4th. The exciting thing about the 4th season of Melissa and Joey is that the show will be the first ever to reach 100 episodes on the network, which is key for future syndication. Catch Melissa and Joey at 8, Baby Daddy at 830. At 9 is the new show Dancing Fools, a hybrid of So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Funniest Home Videos. I expect a quick cancellation because It. Was. BAD!

Mondays see the return of Switched at Birth, starting June 10th at 8pm. Though it doesn’t have the same hype as Pretty Little Liars, it still has a loyal fan base that keeps the show a big hit for ABC Family. The Fosters premiered at 9pm this past Monday, and will stay in that slot throughout the summer. The show is about a family made up of different ethnic, sexual and family backgrounds and how they “cope” with being their mixed family. (Side Note, I watched the premiere and I am IN LOVE! A fantastic new show that I will be watching every Monday night).


Now, the big question here, at least for me, is “Where is Bunheads?!”, the fantastic, hilarious, moving, Amy Sherman-Palladino show set in Paradise, CA starring the now Critics Choice Award nominated Sutton Foster as a Vegas showgirl who ends up teaching dance to a group of girls and dealing with the trials and tribulations of the small town living. The show has a witty script (filled with incredibly random pop culture references) and a wonderful story line that always leaves you wanting more. The network has said that they will decide what to do after the premieres of their new programs, but I can’t wait that long. A show this special, made up of an incredible cast and crew, needs a second season. I’m hoping they can work SOMETHING out (maybe cancel Dancing Fools and add Bunheads to the comedy block?!) because this show NEEDS to return.

What are you most looking forward to watching on ABC Family this summer? Have you watched one of the new shows yet? Do you want to see Bunheads return? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

5 thoughts on “ABC Family has a hot summer line-up…but what about Bunheads?!”

  1. My daughters are both in Ballet and we can hardly wait for Bunheads to return. We love this show, Sutton Foster is fantastic and her Mother-in law makes a perfect partner in crime with her. Please bring back Bunheads ABC Family. You have 5 fans in our home. Thank you from, Michelle, Disney Magic, Rainbow Skye, Jeff, and Storm!

  2. “Bunheads,” in my opinion is the BEST show to ever air on ABC Family, to loose it would be a crime! It is witty, entertaining, and has great dancing to boot! Keeping my fingers crossed that it returns very soon!

  3. There are very few shows I couldn’ wait to watch. Bunheads was one of them. It has a great cast (with familiar faces from a another great past show…) and such witty script writing and fun stories. I enjoyed watching each episode more than once just to catch all the zingers! Bring the laughter back!

  4. I completely agree! I have been eagerly awaiting an announcement about Bunheads returning. I absolutely loved Season 1!

  5. I too miss Bunheads. I never thought I would like this show. I watched a few episodes of season 1 and was hooked. I then found out that it is created and supervised by Gilmore Girls creator and writer and realized why I liked Bunheads. I was never a Sutton Foster fan on Broadway – she is good, don’t get me wrong, but she never WOWED me. I was totally blown away with her comic timing, her delivery and her characterization in Bunheads that I am now a Sutton Foster fan. The dancers are wonderful and good actresses too, innocent in their growing up and excellent dancers too. And then to realize Kelly Bishop was in it as she was in Gilmore Girls – and to find out that I saw her 3 times in A Chorus Line in the original Broadway production as Sheila, and remembered that she won the Best Featured Actress Tony for the role, well needless to say I am hooked on Bunheads. It is a good family comedy/drama with great writing interspersed with excellent ballet dance segments. It is a show that deserves a second season and more!

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