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Merchandise Find of the Week: Princess Shoe Ornament and Pajamas


If I bought every item of merchandise that caught my attention in the last few years, I’d not only be broke, but would be buried up to my neck in hats, t-shirts, and Christmas ornaments. Disney World’s team in merchandise design has done an amazing job with all manner of wearable and collectible fun. Here’s one of the newest lines of merchandise that I think has some great potential.

Not only are there a baker’s dozen of Disney princess and villain themed Christmas ornaments in the shape of high heels, but there is a pajama/louge-wear outfit that highlights those same shoes.




They look pretty comfy, although not exactly my style. I’m more of a Hawaiian shirt kinda guy.

So far, I don’t see any actually wearable versions of the ornaments, but I imagine some collectible versions will be in the works. Would you buy one of your favorite Princess or Villain?

1 thought on “Merchandise Find of the Week: Princess Shoe Ornament and Pajamas”

  1. When you said “shoe ornament”, I was thinking some bling that you put on your lace-up shoe (I just bought one with 13.1 to commemorate my first half-marathon). THAT I would buy in a heartbeat! I’m always looking for something to inspire me to lace-up and run further! Listen up, Disney! You could market those for the Run Disney clan.

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