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it’s a small world after all

In light of current events related to the Boston Marathon, I want to take a moment to pause in memory of those who died, in honor of those who rushed in to help, and in hope of a swift recovery for those recovering from injuries. We still know only a little about who and why these events occurred, but we do know that all we really want is a world of peace and a world of laughter for everyone.

Not to sound trite, but there is an attraction that symbolizes this these hopes and dreams for uniting people of all races and creeds – it’s a small world. To help us find a center to work from today, I present the words of Walt Disney as he dedicated the attraction dedicated to world peace.

“We wanted to foster a better understanding among nations of the world, by showing the dress, the customs, the language, the music, and a little of the culture of our neighbors around the world. We wanted to show it to be a very happy, happy one. I think it’s safe to say that having fun has universal appeal.”