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ABC in the Theme Parks? What do YOU want to see?


For years we have heard rumors of ABC in the Disney Theme Parks, though mostly blue sky. A LOST motion simulator taking over Tom Sawyer Island is the biggest example of crazy possibilities to enter the theme park world. As an ABC fan, I have often thought of ways to bring the TV station into the parks in some way other than a themed commissary at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here are some of my ideas!

  • The Pie Hole~ Few shows have as much of a cult status as the fantastic “Pushing Daisies.” This incredibly quirky show follows a man who has the power to bring people back to life. With one touch they awaken, but the second and they are gone for good. After bringing back his childhood sweetheart, thus killing someone else, they go off to awaken other dead ones to find out the story behind their deaths. Now it sounds morbid, but in all actuality, it is very funny, colorful, and intelligent. The backdrop for the show is The Pie Hole (with a waitress played by the amazing Kristin Chenoweth), a cute pie store shaped like a pie serving up some delicious concoctions of fruit and pastry. As someone who is just starting to watch, I love the idea of a quaint pie store on the Streets of America. And, truthfully, who doesn’t love pie?! Cast-Photos-pushing-daisies-332796_1280_960
  • Wipeout Live!~ Fear Factor Live used to be a show at Universal Studios. The gross food challenges, as well as the unique physical ones, were all featured in this daily stage show and were all performed by guests at the park. I think Wipeout needs to get the stage show treatment next. Here’s the idea, you overhaul the Lights, Motors, Action! stage to include a huge pool and include some of the show’s best obstacles (The Big Balls are a must!) and have a show a few times every day in the park. The winners would receive a gift card to Massage Envy and a free dinner at the park that evening. I think it would be a great time for all!
  • ABC Primetime Bistro~ I know, another restaurant, but hear me out. DCA used to have a place called the Soap Opera Bistro (check out my article on it here) where you dined on the sets from ABC Soap Operas, all while the waiters and waitresses created improv skits surrounding your dining party (For example, you brother became the waitresses former lover, and your sister was the waiter’s forgotten daughter). I say, you take the same concept, but with ABC’s primetime line-up. You can eat in Seattle Grace Hospital from Grey’s Anatomy, the Pope and Associates “consulting room” from Scandal (with Red Wine and Popcorn being a menu item), the diner from Once Upon a Time, and the Grayson’s home from Revenge. Every would have a blast eating where their favorite shows take place, all while being part of the action!13
  • Password~ What’s more fun? Watching American Idol and hearing occasionally good karaoke…or being in the middle of a beloved Game Show?! Password, which used to air on ABC in the early 70’s, could be brought back to life in the theater formerly named after ABC! The current judges could be the “celebrities” and contestants could still go through a casting process during the day. The winners of the Alphabetics bonus round would win a T-Shirt, along with a $100 Disney Gift card!

What would you like to see ABC at the parks? Which one of the options I mentioned is your favorite? Who doesn’t want to eat at the Pie Hole?! Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

1 thought on “ABC in the Theme Parks? What do YOU want to see?”

  1. I’d love to see that lost/dharma experiance. last I heard it was going to be some sort of hatch/station. but this might also open up
    the marvel debate again. if s.h.e.i.l.d marvels post avengers tv show went to abc (which is likely/or has already been annouced) then could disney use this to bring some of the marvel universe to wdw….could this be a loophole.

    ive always thought disney could get around the universal contract if there marvel land resembled that of the films and not the comics (as universals is clearly more comic themed)

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