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Countdown to Fun and Disney Channel Rocks Ending on April 6th


A few weeks ago, informed that the cast members and performers working the Countdown to Fun parade and Disney Channel Rocks show that their performances would stop on April 6th. Both were said to have been closing due to backstage construction, which would not allow the floats to move around.

This brings up many questions, like “Is this just code for a new parade announcement?” or “Is the construction needed for a larger expansion yet to be announced?” Rumors are saying that this construction is just the beginning of the mini DCA-style redo that the fans (and the park) has been hoping for. Others just say this is an excuse to close two very tired shows that have LONG out run their expiration dates.

For me, at least, I am anxious to see what comes of this. I would love to see a DCA redo-ish come out of this, but even what is rumored for that makes me apprehensive. People have been saying a Monsters Inc. dark ride/coaster, which sounds incredibly cool, but also Carsland. Yes, Carsland is DCA is gorgeous and spectacular with the level of detail…but I don’t want a transplant. I wouldn’t mind a Monstropolis area, or a Brave area, but I don’t want a replica, even if it is gorgeous.

As far as the parade goes, though I am happy to see it go, I just really want to see a great parade come out of WDW. I would love to see something along the lines of the movie specific parades of the 90’s (like the Hercules Zero to Hero Parade, which was awesome!). Heck, I would even love to see Stars in Motorcars come back. It had a great soundtrack and the right feel for DHS.

So, what do you think these closings actually mean? Am I over thinking it, or do you agree with one of the ideas? What was your favorite MGM/DHS parade? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

3 thoughts on “Countdown to Fun and Disney Channel Rocks Ending on April 6th”

  1. Stars and Motor Cars – great soundtrack, lots of characters in a classic Hollywood style presentation. Won’t miss the current fare at all.

  2. Movie themed parades from the 90s! I totally forgot about that! Amazing.

    I don’t know what’s happening but I agree. I was a fan of Stars in Motorcars. It was more in them with DHS. Plus Countdown to fun gets stuck in my head and annoys me.

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