Rapunzel Restrooms Update from Magic Kingdom

It’s time to take a look at the progress made on the next major expansion of Fantasyland – The Tangled Toilets. Since we last checked in, they’ve added many more details from the films, some trees, benches, and mist fans for that cooling effect while you wait. In fact it’s beginning to look like the Fantasyland equivalent of a highway rest area.

Come below the jump as we look over the wall at a much needed improvement to the guest flow and restroom availability in this corner of the Magic Kingdom.

Do you think Punzie’s Poo-Poo Station is a suitable addition to the park and a fair representation of the movie in the Magic Kingdom? Add your own idea for a name in the comments (keep it PG-13 please).

2 thoughts on “Rapunzel Restrooms Update from Magic Kingdom”

  1. Since Tangle has grown in popularity, I am so surprised that it is just a rest room, I would expect so much more for such a beautiful Princess, it is rather disappointing!!! I believe that they should make her more than just a potty…before they had stories and photos with Rapuzel herself…I think that if you were to take a poll about where the bathrooms would be, it wouldn’t be with Rapuzel…I am definitely against it, temporarily is fine but not permanetly…it is just a disgrace!!! PLEASE RETHINK THIS DECISION!!!

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