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Rapunzel Restroom Area Coming Along at Magic Kingdom

It might take some amazing self-control but you’ll still have to wait a bit for the next big attraction to hit the Magic Kingdom. Yes the Rapunzel restrooms are nearing completion. We have new photos showing how much work has been done in the last few weeks. There are lanterns, new pathways, and, of course, the tower from the movie Tangled.

Just keep in mind that the long term goal is to close the restrooms across the way at the Peter Pan queue and then use that space to add some interactive elements to the queue, or possibly the long awaited modernization of the Peter Pan ride (based on the technology developed for the Monsters Inc Doors Roller Coaster that was never built).

Looks pretty good. I love how the details from the movie are already shining through. Still no word if Disney will change their mind and move the Rapunzel Meet and Greet to this location.