Wreck-it Ralph Deleted Scenes


In celebration of Wreck-It Ralph’s availability on HD Digital Download (iTunes) this week and 3D Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack on 3/5 Disney has shared these two deleted scenes from the Oscar nominated movie!

In the first clip Dunderson shares an idea with Ralph for a new game called X-Treme EZ Living featuring the good life with no good or bad guys to get Ralph to bust them out of prison.

The second clip features Ralph and Dunderson hanging out in the new game. While everything seems to be dancing and jacuzzis, Ralph realizes that it’s time to leave.

What do you think? Would it have been a better movie with these scenes in them?

5 thoughts on “Wreck-it Ralph Deleted Scenes”

  1. Since we are not introduced to Dunderson in earlier scenes I don’t quite understand how these 2 scenes would fit into the movie. The movie is awesome as it is!

  2. Ahhh so that’s the name of that dude that’s shown in the “Art of Wreck-It Ralph” book, Bobby Dunderson! Interesting, he seems like a cool dude to maybe use in the sequel somewhere. bromigo lmao

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