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ABC Family Green Lights Two New Series: “Dancing Fools” & “The Vineyard”

Along with The Fosters and Twisted ABC Family has just announced that they will be adding two more series to their summer 2013 lineup.  Michael Riley, President of ABC Family has announced that the network has picked up two new series, Dancing Fools a half-hour unscripted comedy and The Vineyard a docu-soap.

Dancing Fools will be hosted by Melissa Peterman, who you may know from many other series one of them being Baby Daddy, also on ABC Family. This half-hour comedy will be executive produced by Phil Gurin. Looks like they’re trying to capitalize off the momentum of the popular Bunheads series.

The Vineyard (working title) is set as the coming of age story of a handful of 20-somethings on Martha’s Vineyard for the summer.  We will see what summer has in store for this group as they live in tight quarters, among friends and frenemies.  The Vineyard, created and executive produced by Dave Broome and Brian Smith. Series will begin production in the spring and will be ready to premier this summer. The Docu-Soap style is similar to ABC’s very successful Modern Family, let’s see if it works on ABC Family.

Do you watch ABC Family shows? Do you think Disney sometimes goes too far for a family friendly channel?

Via the ABC Family Blog

1 thought on “ABC Family Green Lights Two New Series: “Dancing Fools” & “The Vineyard””

  1. I do watch ABC family quite a bit. And yes, I do think that sometimes they go too far for a supposedly family friendly channel. Why even call it abc FAMILY? Now, I sort of feel like a hypocrite lol, because I really do enjoy some of their shows (Bunheads, Greek, and I LOVED Huge, wish they hadn’t cancelled it!!!) I think they need to find a better balance, you can have great tv shows without all the adult themes constantly being played out.

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