Question two

Is your spouse or significant other also a Disney fan? How does that impact you travel plans?

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  1. My husband and I are both big Disney fans. Although, I don’t think it really took hold until we went together on our honeymoon Sept 2002. I had been 3 times before that, I think he only went once. Neither of us had stayed on Disney property before. Our stay at Coronado Springs Resort changed us both! Unfortunately we can’t go as much as we would like, but we went back to CSR for out 5th anniversary and we went with my mother in law for our 10th this past Nov. (snuck it in under the wire!). While we were there we booked again for my 40th in Sept as well as our 11th anniversary, and got a free dining plan. We are staying at CSR again and can’t wait! It makes it so much more special when you can share your excitement and love for Disney with the one you love! I know many people who incredulously ask “Disney, really???” and it makes me even more thankful for my hubbys love of Disney. We are like giddy children planning, travelling and during our stay!

  2. My husband isn’t nearly as Dis-obsessed as I am, but he definitely enjoys our time in the World. How could anyone not love that place!? It’s practically perfect in every way.

  3. Same here, we’ve been going since the mid eighties. Our child is now twenty two and a move to the great north west slowed down our visits to maybe every two years we just can’t wait till we go again. Wife actually plans visits for her fellow employees and is always the trivia boss there also.

  4. We are DVC members and My wife loves to vacation at WDW but has a hard time planning 11 (home), 7 (non home) and 6 (ADR) months out. So she says you just handle it.. Then 1 month before she wants to change everything and it becomes to late. Damned if I do Damned if I don’t.

    Can I suggest question 3..
    How do you disney? meaning how do you save up and book your vacations / utilize disney.
    Movie club,
    airline card or disney card,
    many times a year, yearly, bi yearly etc
    drive fly train
    travel from
    how early do you book stay, air travel
    change bucket
    Annual pass, park hopper or basic
    etc etc.

  5. I love Disney – my husband does not. It’s usually a struggle to get him to go there (instead of a beach, where he wants to go). It results in me only getting to visit every 2-3 years.

  6. My wife and I discovered our love for Disney together. I had been a few times as a kid/teenager, and so has she. Most of our relationship has been long distance due to work. When I lived in Los Angeles, she would visit me and we would spend a couple of days at Disneyland. It wasn’t until we finally lived together that we planned our first real Disney Vacation and stayed on site at Disneyland. That really blew up into our full on obsession with Disney. We’ve since been going and planning Disney trips yearly to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. This is the year we finally branch out of the States and will be spending a weekend at Hong Kong Disneyland.

    I don’t think I’d be as into Disney if it wasn’t for her. and vice versa, I think it’s something that we share together, and without the other, we probably wouldn’t be as in to it. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy the parks and movies, just wouldn’t be the same.

  7. I have the best possible scenario. The wife and I are retired. We belong to the Disney Vacation Club so we always have a place to stay any time we want to go down there. The wife is just as much a Mickey Nut as I am, so we have no problem just picking up and going. Even though we live in Northern Illinois, we have season parkhopper passes – That way, we don’t have to fool with tickets all the time. Season passes get you discounts at the Disney stores too. Being retired, we can pick less crowded times of the year to go down. Our favorite times include the first week of the Epcot Flower & Garden show in early March (before the Spring Break Crowd) and towards the end of the Epcot Food & Wine Festival when the weather is about right for us Northerners. We are also avid pin traders and are always competing with each other to see who can trade for the best pins with a cast member. We have a great time at our favorite vacation spot – whether it is just us two or includes my brother and sister who are also Disney nuts and DVC members also. Oops – I feel Mickey’s hand on my billfold checking to see what kind of cash I am bringing down in a few short weeks….

  8. My husband and I love Disney. We both grew up on all the films and TV shows and have always had great love for all things Disney. Our first trip to Disney World wasn’t until June 2010 (11 years after we started dating). We had just bought our first house and after our visit to Disney World we were mind blown with the art and decor we could incorporate into it. We have about 20 art pieces, tons of snow globes and figurines, a Beauty and the Beast style chandelier and I even commissioned a Beauty and the Beast stained glass piece for our pantry. Our home is very classic french style with Disney touches that only those who pay attention would notice. We try to take a vacation every six months, and have become experts in the Disney Vacation plan. Everyone we know wants their first or next trip to Disney to be with us. Our vacation plans consist of “Where should we go? Disney, L.A. or Vegas?”…”ummm, Disney”. We haven’t gone in six months, I think a trip is in our future…

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