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Serious Question

Why do you like Disney?

14 thoughts on “Serious Question”

  1. I love Disney because it lets me be a kid again. I don’t have to worry about life, responsibilities ( insert hakuna matata joke here) or what other people might think. For however long i am watching a movie, listening to music or in the parks i can be myself. Be as goofy as i want and it brings me hope looking towards the future. What i want in life like, someday, a family but also to travel the world and not be so overwhelmed worrying about money and enjoy the little things. Disney also lets me believe in my dreams and not to sound corny but one day, that they will come true.

  2. Suspension of reality, and the ability to free myself from the world, if for just a little while. I don’t have to worry about what others think, I can be in my own world, seeing life like a kid does again, films, television, parks, games all equate to one thing, I simply do.

  3. Let me start by saying I don’t like Disney…I absolutely love it! To put it simply, it’s our “happy place”. The one place where we immediately (on the plane ride home) start planning our return visit. My favorite thing, though, is that it’s never, ever exactly the same place twice. We go about every year and a half and there is always something different. There is a sense that they are constantly trying to improve on what most would already consider great. And, if you have kids, it’s a place where people know how to make them smile…or at least endure them when they aren’t!

  4. It takes me to a world that never was, but always will be in my heart. A place of warmth, conviviality, politeness, and pure unadulterated childish happiness. I guess a short version of my answer is that:P It’s my happy place.

  5. It is a series of things.

    When I was a child, my family moved about every 9 months till I was a Sophomore in HS. We lived in Florida for much of that time, and Disney was the one vacation that we always could take. Most times we stayed in the campgrounds for a few days at a time. I cannot look back at my childhood and get the same feeling by going to a childhood home or even one of two places my family could say was the local place we ate dinner out, or a beach we always visited…instead I have Disney. That is the only real place I can look back and recall as being a constant memory for us. Different ages, different points in my life, all can be remembered inside those parks.

    Now as an adult, and my later years in college, it became a fascination with the corporation, the culture, the history and its impact in the world of entertainment and business. There is a complete immersion in the parks, giving even the most cynical a place to suspend disbelief and soak in the environment. I love to read on the behind the scenes of the Disney parks. Seeing the differences in the architecture, the stories, the rides between all the parks as well just intrigues me.

    Now, it is my preferred vacation spot. With most work advances or milestones, I return to WDW. Especially in a high stress / draining career that I chose, being able to go to a place where I can leave my keys, my cell phone, and the daily tools of my trade at “home” in a resort. Knowing I just need my ID, key card, and some cash in my pocket and just catch a bus or a monorail and go to anything I want to see. Enjoy lunch from Japan, float down a lazy river before lunch, or even ride out in a truck on a ‘safari’ by dinner? All possible. All the time experiencing such immersion that I can find myself forgetting about the outside world…that is priceless.

  6. For me, it was learning about the culture that Walt cultivated at the studios that made me love the company. Here was a man, a visionary, who was so talented, intelligent, and effective at knowing what audiences, what humanity wanted to see and experience. When you examine the hardships that Walt endured in his early days, you see how determined and ambitious he really was. Even the earliest cartoons, produced by him and Ub Iwerks, show great genius that you didn’t quite see coming out of any other studios.

    As the studios developed, Walt had the opportunity to truly express his ingenuity and creativity. The turnout during these first early, successful years is truly remarkable. The first synchronized sound cartoon, the first color cartoon, the first full-length animated feature, the multiplane camera. Nobody was innovating like Walt’s men. How he managed to get so many talented people at his studio who were so good at nearly everything is absolutely astounding.

    He really started to expand when he began working on Disneyland. His ability to tell a story like nobody else entered a third dimension, and the output became even more impressive. He constructed a fully-realized themed environment like nobody before him, and the technology that the company continued to develop was truly cutting edge stuff. And when you step back to look at specific projects like the World’s Fair pavilions, Fantasia, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Mary Poppins, or 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, you get a chance to see how much the entire Disney team truly enjoyed doing their work, and how exceptional they were at executing it.

    EPCOT city in particular shows an unprecedented amount of vision in my opinion. Had Walt lived long enough to oversee the construction of the Florida Project, as he had envisioned it, I believe the city as we know it would have been completely revolutionized.

    So, it is out of respect and admiration for Walt and the extraordinarily talented people who worked for him that I like Disney. Who else has had a broader and farther-reaching impact on American culture than Walt and his company? Walt said: “Well, my greatest reward, I think, is that I’ve been able to build this wonderful organization.” That organization is his greatest gift to the world. And the work and legacy of the people of his company, both past and present, is truly something to revere, in my opinion.

  7. My mother and I have been to Disney parks several times. Our latest adventure was taken in November 2012. We had planned the trip out as we do all the time. But in the midst of the planning, I started actually fearing that this trip would not be as satisfying. Perhaps I was too familiar with the parks that I would no longer get any joy out of it. Maybe I was setting myself up for boredom.

    To my pleasant surprise, it was the most fun trip to date. With each progressive vacation I take, the enjoyment increases. There was a moment of pure clarity sitting in the waiting area of the Tiki Room snacking on a pineapple whip – I love this place!

    Even though merchandise is everywhere – buy, buy, buy! There are always guests more annoying than is worthy of Disney. But there is something about the atmosphere that I can still look past all that and feel so at home. Disney goes to such great lengths to make you feel like you really are going out into space, like you are really part of your favorite childhood cartoon, or that you are really sailing with pirates. What other company cares so much about atmosphere?

    Uncle Walt had an ideal vision of what life should be like and that greatly appeals to me – whether I am 4 or 27, it seems. When the last trip is over and my mother has said this is the last time, a couple days later, she is telling me when we are going again. That is magic.

  8. I love the fact that no matter what I’m dealing with at work, once the Magic Express or DCL video comes on, I am able to leave it all behind. The total envelopment into the ‘story’ and being taken care of with top-level customer service helps the escape.

    I also love the fact that I can instantly be in my ‘happy place’ when certain songs come on my playlist.

  9. I think it is that feeling of escape and magic. I’ve never been fully sold on reality, and the illusion of magic and adventure the parks present is very appealing. I am always impressed by how well crafted the illusion is, how you walk along going “how are they doing this?” as if watching a master magician at work. The colors, the forced perspective, the music everywhere and always, the characters who are always so convincing, and that smell… To surrender to the illusion and let yourself believe is just the most amazing feeling in the whole world (well, there is one thing even better: watching the children believe).

    I would add, however, that the climate has a bit to do with my enjoyment of WDW, as well, as I am a great lover of hot days and warm nights.

    And if you go beyond and ask why I love entire franchise, basically the same: escape and magic. I like worlds and stories where good and evil is well defined. And I appreciate anything that is beautifully crafted.

  10. I love Disney because it is my go to place to be entertained. A vacation where the goal is to be happy and it is okay to show it. An escape from the real world, where children’s laughter isn’t shushed, random strangers feel comfortable to talk to each other. The cast members are wonderful, the food choices seem endless and the only time there is a dull moment is when I want there to be one!

    It is the only place I can think of as a single middle aged woman where I can go on vacation and easily feel safe. Just enough changes and just enough stays the same! And the music! The scents! All the characters! Fireworks every night!

    It is the most ‘away’ vacation I have ever been able to find, that is why I keep going back.

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